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Flagship Investment Projects

The Westküste 100 project

A 700MW green hydrogen plant powered by a dedicated Orsted offshore wind farm and producing carbon-neutral aviation fuel could be up and running in Europe by 2030. The Westküste 100 project — which has nine project partners, including developers EDF Energy, Orsted and industrial giant Thyssenkrupp — is set to receive around 100 million euros of government funding. The project will be located in northwest Germany, at the site of the Heide oil refinery. The ten-year Westküste plan is split into two five-year stages. The first is to scale up to 30 MW of electrolysis capacity by 2025 — which would supply enough green hydrogen to meet the needs of the site’s refinery. After the five-year 30MW pilot project, the plan is to build a 700 MW electrolysis unit.

Establishment of a regional hydrogen infrastructure in Emsland region

The project links the energy, industry, transport and heating sectors. A power-to-gas plant with an output of 105 MW is to convert electricity from wind power into “green hydrogen”. The transport and storage of pure hydrogen will take place in existing infrastructures. Existing gas pipelines will be used for this purpose. Storage and transport infrastructure for fossil fuels can also be deployed for hydrogen handling using Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies’ LOHC technology. Hydrogen will be consumed by customers in industry, mobility or by energy suppliers.

Construction of green hydrogen production plant

Dutch paints and chemicals maker AkzoNobel and gas infrastructure company Gasunie New Energy have joined forces to investigate the possibility of building Europe’s largest green hydrogen (H2) production plant. The installation would use a 20MW water electrolysis unit, the largest in Europe, to convert sustainably produced electricity into 3,000 tonnes of green H2 a year – enough to fuel 300 H2 buses – at the proposed facility, which is to be built in the Netherlands.

HEAVENN project

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) of the European Commission has selected the Northern Netherlands to start negotiations for an EU grant agreement valued at 20 million euros. The grant is meant to develop a fully-fledged green hydrogen value chain in the Northern Netherlands. Projects involve the large-scale production of green hydrogen as a feedstock for industry, storage, transportation and distribution of hydrogen and hydrogen applications in industry, the built environment and the mobility sector. The consortium aims to sign the grant agreement before the beginning of 2020, which will allow the region to start the six-year project and become Europe’s leading region in hydrogen.

HyGreen Provence project

Air Liquide, the Durance, Luberon, Verdon urban area (DLVA) and ENGIE are signing a cooperation agreement to develop the “HyGreen Provence” project aiming to produce, store and distribute green hydrogen.
Initiated in 2017, “HyGreen Provence” aims to produce 1,300 GWh of solar electricity, together with the production of renewable hydrogen on an industrial scale through water electrolysis. The hydrogen produced from the project will be used in a variety of applications such as mobility, energy and industry, both locally and regionally. The project will be developed in several stages with first deliverable expected by the end of 2021 and a possible final step in 2027.

Europe's largest green hydrogen plant

Hydrogen infrastructure developer Everfuel Denmark A/S and A/S Dansk Shell – the Shell Refinery in Fredericia, and partners have entered into strategic cooperation on the future supply of the transport sector with green energy in the form of a hydrogen plant. The ambition is to be able to install the largest of its kind Power-to-X (P2X) plant in Fredericia to store and utilise excess wind power. The first phase will entail installing an electrolysis plant with a capacity of 20 MW as early as 2022-’23 – but the partners eventually aim to expand the facility up to 1 GW.

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